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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 6, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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really made her a winner on that show. >> yes. >> the chop champ. >> plus, carries here, one of the most famous mediums in the world. i mean, i'm telling you, i remember her, she was on a tv show and she told the host of the show that she was pregnant. >> the host, can we say her name. >> yes, kelly. >> so, she hadn't told anybody. >> but char. >> that is crazy. >> she started to cry. >> mike, are you ready for this. will we see some tears. >> she will read me if i have anything lefty can do in my life. >> horrible, things will be happening later on. >> alex doesn't want to be read so we won't do that but what is the name again. >> kerry. >> yes, do you want to be read. >> i want to be read, baby. >> all right. >> and then jen is similar to your hair today, hi jen. >> look at this. this is the finish product. this is a four strand.
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>> this is something we can't do but it is gorgeous. i will tell you something you you can do you can fire up to $25 get this amazing new thing, it is after of our really cool celebrity hair product. seriously if you can do this and you are not a hairdresser, i'm just kitting. i tried to dot fish braid. >> fishtail. >> yes. >> okay, jen. >> fishtail is no the that hard. >> it looks hard. >> you just take a tiny bit of each strand of the braid. >> it is not hard but intricate. >> can you braid your own hair. >> i can try to do a little will bit of it. >> do pigtails. >> okay. >> while she does that, i want to tell you this little phrase, diamonds are forever. >> yes. >> yes. >> that doesn't mean your marriage will last though. weird new study claims that the bigger your die machine ring is, the the the shorter your marriage. >> this study was done by professors from emery
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university. they found that u.s. adults who spent a large amount of money on engagement rhythms or wedding rings were more likely to end up divorced. men who spend 2,000 to $4,000 worth one .3 times more likely to end up in divorce then men who spent 500 to 2,000 bucks. now when it comes to weddings if you have a wednesday ago this cost more than $20,000 you're more likely to end up, in splitsville. average cost of the wedding in u.s. is 30 you this dollars according to the knot. >> we have two things going there one the size of the ring determines how long the marriage. >> and size of the wednesdaying. >> price of the wedding. >> they go together, don't you think. i don't know, one of the main focal points of arguments between husband and wife's are finances. >> right. >> and maybe if you spent more than you can really afford on the wedding and ring, maybe it starts the ball rolling in terms of, some discord if you will. >> i have a a question, ladies
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i thought an engagement ring was supposed to be like $25,000 or something. >> what? >> two months salary. >> what? >> is that the rule of thumb. >> some people can easily after 25,000, some people could afford millions, some people can't afford $25,000 based on how much you you make. >> this is why i was than the getting engaged because i thought you had had to blow a ton of cash on the engagement ring. >> when it comes to the ring ape picking it out some women pick it out and say honey, this is what i want what if she picks this ring and guy doesn't like it. he is paying for it. does he have to like the the ring. if she says i want this and thinks what i want. but you are spending thousands of dollars. >> i want her to pick it out because that is a big. we will screw this up. >> what if it is ugly to you.
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>> i don't care. i just want her to be happy. if i pick it out she will think it is hid why is and pretend he she likes it the for the rest of her life. >> or in the. >> that might be how it goes. >> i told john. i didn't say this specifically is the ring that i want, but he talk about what cut off stone. >> i wanted a emerald cut and how i wanted it set, i didn't want anything else around it. >> now, my daughter, jessica got a picture of it in a mag even and said this is what i want. that is what i want. i want it like that. >> dumb it down, ladies, men need to understand. >> if we let you guys go off and do it. >> drag me to the jewelry store, show it to me. >> yes. >> i'm on the fence about that. i want him to kind of put it together. >> and a know you you. >> and i want him to know me. >> if i pick it out, it is not the as magical. this is exactly what i mention in the store in the box but still so happy to get it the
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when you say him, do you mean the soccer guy. >> i'm just talking about in general, the the man one day, in the future, anyone, doctor, lawyer. >> doctor, lawyer. >> anybody. >> you know, whatever. >> lottery winner. >> millionaire. >> well, speaking of marriages and engagements. >> yesy want to say happy a anniversary to my parents, today is their 30th wedding anniversary. lovely picture of all three of us together. we're a family unit. guess where they are spending their 30th anniversary. >> vegas. >> do you have a guess, kerry. >> jersey shore. >> no, they are in cincinnati. >> why are you guys in cincinnati. >> they are like they wanting to to every state in the u.s., before they die. >> yes. >> they have not been to ohio. >> i said for your 30th. >> all they need is love. >> they are truly an example for marriage for me. to me they are ideal. >> they are really cool people good they are cool.
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>> they seem to still be in love somehow. >> they still hold hands and kiss each other. >> i wish they were my parents. >> i took them to dinner one night and they were like kissing. >> they weren't making out. >> but kiss on the cheek. >> my gosh. >> that is really cute. >> your mommies kind of hot. >> are you sure the marriage is fine. >> marriage is fine. >> it would be great if i married your mom. >> you'd have to call me dad. >> oh, my god. >> you'd love that, wouldn't you. >> no, i don't know. >> i think she's pretty happy. >> yes. >> a little crack in the arm or there. >> she will send me a text, i'm waiting for it. >> she was touching my knee under the table. >> my daddies watching too. >> yeah. >> happy 30th. >> happy 40th glenn and sharon, glenn and sharon. bikini season is of, of course but that doesn't mean it is okay to start packing on
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the pound but do you know the number one month of the the year that we put on the most weight. >> what month is that. >> september. >> september. >> yeah, not thanksgiving but december was number one. september was number two. >> that makes more sense. >> yes. >> we're eating, it is holidays. >> then you have to bundle up. you can hide it. >> that is right. >> you know sandwich stores, subway. >> the subway. >> yeah. >> right across the street. >> well, subway shows us why we all still need to look the best with their brand new ad, advertisement, here it is. >> you guys are eating burgers. >> hey, summer is over. >> halloween is coming you have to stay in shape for costumes. >> you know, like attractive nurse, red riding horse, viking princess warrior, hot devil, and sexy table and foxy fullback. >> can we go with the vikings lady again. >> whatever you are staying
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fit for start at subway with loads of delicious low fat sandwiches like tender turkey piled with your veggies, subway, eat fresh. >> i liked the andrew luck look. >> i bet you did. >> and of course subway is trying to be funny here. this thing aired and people got upset. they got on twitter, screaming and yelling. >> um-hmm. >> subway says this was only meant to be funny, not to offend anybody so what was the rub. >> well, of course, they didn't mean to offend anybody. do you put out an ad out. the rub was, the rub was it is like okay, ladies, don't put on too much weight we still want you to hot in the slot i halloween costumes so fill your face with our nasty sandwiches, instead. that about sums it up. >> so, if you aren't skinny you are not sexy. >> basically. >> you have to be in the sexy costume for halloween you you cannot just be the grinch or
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something. >> what did i tell you about, the other day, slot i police officers and sexy is the word, i was looking for. >> why is this happening. when did halloween become like slutville. >> that is right. >> it used to be just for kids. >> yeah. >> where you dress up like a witch. >> but it is supposed to be left for the kids. >> you don't have to be sexy. >> except if you are coming over to my house for cannedy don't put on any candy. >> hi. >> i live in the high rise building. i don't get any kids. >> what do you dress up as. >> this is it. >> by the the way, speaking of being an anchorman, i'm the least professional person or earth. hey, di get a tight shot of my turkey neck. >> i thought you were getting a new shirt. >> it is just debris, that is fallen and landed all over your shirt and your color. >> what i did was i put on the
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tv make up, i flipped my color up to put a tayoun and it got stuck in the the makeup. >> so grossy thought were you clumsy. >> i apologize. >> to the viewer out there. i mean the viewers. >> new jersey restaurant is encouraging diners to go, phone free. now i was out to dinner with friends on the saturday night. i was on my phone a lot. >> the whole time. >> friday night, i had to a will guys i'm sorry on the phone. i told them, it is work stuff. >> it wasn't work stuff. >> let's hope they are in the watching. >> i was looking to see if i had better offers then the people i was with. >> my goodness, that is terrible. >> did you find any. >> yes. >> that is what i'm doing right now as a matter of fact. >> yes. >> so, the station and -- >> that is the name of the restaurant the station. >> quality family time. they will give you i basket for your phone with old
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fashion pencil and paper games while you eat. so tic tack toe anyone. if you make it through without your your phone you will get a discount. fun little game. >> in the bad. plus you are thrown into a basket is the the basket on your table. >> yes. >> in the center of the table. >> yes. >> someone has to reach across so everyone knows who the first person. >> yes. >> i got you. >> pretty good. >> when it is setting there face up and you see the ding, ding, ding but can't touch it. >> that is awful. >> you know is what the worst when you put your phone away and think you are getting so many calls and you run to your calls and there is nothing. >> nothing. >> that happened to me. i said i'm's getting so much. i blow it. there is probably nobody. >> that would be every friday night. >> no. >> no. >> okay. >> speaking of unprofessional. >> that is right. >> spill your business on tv.
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>> please. >> you, not her. >> i know. >> i spill your business. >> i would spill her business but you don't do anything. >> hi, kerry. >> oh, huge news. >> i can't. >> blake lively had a baby. >> um-hmm. >> no, she's going to have a baby. >> we sold it. >> she is pregnant. >> who the heck is she with. >> ryan dude, ryan reynolds from the proposal and what else is new. >> not meg ryan. >> in. >> she's from south carolina. >> south carolina. >> yeah. >> how do you know that. >> i was there, iowas in south carolina and they made headlines. it was in charleston. >> yes. >> i have never been to charleston. i can't believe i have neff been there. >> very nice. >> i have been to cincinnati like your parents. >> you have. >> it must be exciting.
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>> they make mops, in cincinnati. >> you have never been to cincinnati. >> it is nothing. >> actress made the south allah announcement about her pregnancy on her web site. what? >> that is the name of her web site. >> interesting name. >> yes. >> i don't care about any of that so we will move on. >> okay. we will move on to sue. >> it is not time i care about the weather. >> i will tell you what i did this weekend too. >> what did you do. >> it better be good. >> it was great, yeah. here's he's your weather, we are warming up to the 30's at least or 40's now you in many places and we have reached 55 degrees in philadelphia, yeah. upper 50's in millville, new jersey. 64 degrees in cape may. we are heading to 72 later on. plenty of sunshine today. rain late in the day tomorrow so the beginning of the day should be fine. we are in the 70's gannon wednesday, and then we will start a cooling trend with temperatures in the upper 60's, toward the end of the
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week. so that is your weather authority forecast, okay. here's what i did yesterday, i took part with the great people with the walk yesterday and it was really nice. there is me. it is a long word and nobody knows how to spell it. >> split is. >> but, it is, a lot of people suffer from it but they don't know what it is. we are trying continue on crease awareness. 500 people there yesterday. biggest walk they have ever had. that was really cool. beautiful day, even they it was chilly in the morning. my daughter came with me and after the walk we went to the philadelphia museum of art. you you know how we always say go in. is there the statue of diana, very grainy selfie that we took together but it is a serial and statue of diana there. is there always a painting, isn't there mike when you go to the museum that speaks to you. i love the gustoff painting. >> i like that.
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>> i took a picture of it, it should be here any second of it. it is one he never finish. he passed away before he finish it. portrait of a woman. >> i even necessity his wife's name. >> it is va, vaclimp. >> i a hate you. >> he set you up for that one. >> you have to go to the museum and see it yourself. >> all right. i have been wait forgo this all day 9:15. >> our next guest. >> char. >> she is a medium who has appeared on many national television shows connecting with the spirit world and stunning audiences with what she knows. >> okay. take a look at what happened on the doctor oz show, while she was talking to a woman about her husband who had died. >> he is showing me, he is showing me you wear his shirt to bed or you hold his shirt or wear to it bed.
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>> i wear it all day. >> okay. >> he is dangling keys, why is he dangling keys. >> he was an engineers and he always had keys. i don't know if he had enough doors to open them with but he always had keys. >> how about that. so char wants to help you restore balance with some simple medications in this new cd. >> meditation. >> what did i say. >> medication. >> we're all on medication, char, meditation for goodness shape. hi, char. >> wonderful to see you. it has been a while. >> you look wonderful. >> i have had a lot of work. >> yes. >> don't we have seven shockers. >> we do. >> yes. >> you know. >> i'm impressed. >> yes. >> i like my seven. >> you like your second one.
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>> yes. >> that is the sexual one you don't even know which one. >> that has been my problem all along, i have been using the wrong shockra. >> we all have seven energy centers that balance us, and those are our shockers. people don't realize that. sometimes when you feel off center or not feeling in step with things, it is because our shockras are off. i a had a medical, well, he is a chiropractor who is also a a healer, and a composer, write music for me. i have to say when i listened to this it totally. i used to go to this healer and when i would go out of sorts she would go like this and this. but would i feel better when i left. i thought wouldn't it be great for everybody to be able to have that feeling of feeling
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ground, feeling peaceful and in step with things and so i had this music composed. i take people through each step. >> it is a meditation in the a medication. >> char, i need this desperately. >> in a way it is a medication though. maybe it was a little guiding lift, your spirit guide. >> do you sit there and listen like in a dark room. >> you know what, you don't to have travel to a sacred site to find enlighten. >> we all have have it all within ourselves. when i do this, i feel more in tune with my intuition, because it there is also a shockra, your sixth one. >> we will start with your head. >> no, we will start with our butt. >> yes. >> we start right here and then we go to the secretaries you'll shockra and then we go.
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>> are you making this up. >> there is also it is yellow. >> oh, never mind. >> they are energy centers. >> yes. >> let me get this straight. should i put headphones on, sit music, sit you talking, what the heck sit. >> i take you through each shockra and then see because i didn't really understand this stuff. i'm still learning along with you but what i found out is when you go through this and you actually can listen and it will take you through each shockra but there is a bonus cd without my voice on it. >> oh, thank god. >> you get music or your voice and music. >> right. >> let's play a little bit. i bet we don't have it here. >> probably not. >> here's the thing. >> but my goal, it is to be
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centered so we can be intuitive and that is why we did this. >> hopefully mike will be centered because you will give him a reading, a little later. >> are you. >> so i shouldn't tell you that, do you mind doing a reading to me. >> would i love to read for you you. >> and kerry, she wants a reading. >> i would love to read for you. >> are you feeling something for her. >> what, don't spew it out just yet. >> i'm dying. >> we will do that in a few minutes. >> we have to move on to even more important things, like drake startedded from bottom but now we're here. >> drake is here. he is officially surpassed beatles as artist with the greatest number of hits on the top 100 singles but he is only number eight. we will tell you the people that beat him. >> i'll tell you al-zawahiri ex-holley it will shock how sold the most series.
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ex-holley it will shock how sold the most series. shoc
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers.
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and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
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four years ago tonight roy halladay had that no hitter. i was there. i was there. >> and then, it went downhill. >> all right. >> 9:24. so -- >> twenty-four. >> you said 9:42. >> it is 9:24. >> he wants so bad to end this show. >> can we end this. >> jen in our control room said hurry and do this drake has surpassed beatles with the the greatest number of hits. he reacts nine. beatles are ninth with 71. your top five here is a first look. >> ♪ >> jay-z has 82, so he is in fifth position. and, on to the next one.
9:25 am
>> ♪ >> hey, james brown has 91. >> we like them. >> now we're going to number three. >> ♪ >> yes, lil wayne was number three with 122 a appearances. now we're going to number two. >> ♪ >> there he is, elvis pressly. >> elvis pressly had 149 appearances. >> and now for number one. >> this is the shocker. >> get ready for this. >> ♪ >> okay. >> so the the remaining, the
9:26 am
two dead beatles are spinning in their graves right now. >> 207 hits on the top 100 singles. >> the cast of glee. >> they don't even have original music they redo everybody else. >> i don't hear them on the radio. >> is what the big journey song they did, everybody loves. >> don't stop believing. >> what is the rest of it. >> that is the only party know? living in a lonely world. >> that is only party know. >> it goes on and on and on. >> here it is. >> ♪ >> yep.
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>> what? >> yes. >> don't you had hear her say, go to the tease. >> still ahead. >> she's a chop champ and not even old enough to drive. >> cooking up the goods for us this morning and we will talk aboute motional driving force behind her skills as well. >> she won chop. >> yes. >> hi,
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. last week we told you about the amazing girl, lilly from cinnaminson became the
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youngers person to win chopped in food network history. she said she wanted to win for her dad, who died of traumatic brain injury just three days after this episode was taped. >> i don't know how long he will be here for us, so i wanted to give them all the good news i possibly could. >> such a sweetheart. and boy, i'll tell you what, she can cook, she is in sixth grade. but she's got her heart already set on culinary school. outside with mike and alex. >> and i've made the decision to adopt her. sorry, mom. she's going home. >> because everybody's out here. we have mom, grandmom, grandpop. >> hi, mama, hi, mom, high grandmom. lilly, welcome to "good day" philadelphia. you're so adorable. so did those two women teach you thousand cook? >> yes. >> since what age? >> three. >> so for the last eight years you've been cooking? >> yes. >> it paid off. >> what does grand pop do?
9:32 am
>> he is the taste tester. >> soso you want -- you won ten snowed. >> yes. >> what did you do with the money. >> in my fund for college. >> do you that or did mom tell to you do that? >> mom told me to do that. >> that's a good idea. >> who wrote on your jacket here? >> all of the judges from the show. >> i see their names. >> do you ever just wear it around the house cooking at home? >> sometimes. >> what, do you think this chicken dish, won it for you? >> yes. >> okay, what is that? what do you call it? >> fried chicken? oh, i've heard that far. >> yes. >> what is poe special about this fried chicken, though? what's all that goo? >> it is secret barbeque sauce. >> secrete. >> yes. >> you can't tell us? >> no. >> lilly, what is it? what's in that barbeque sauce? can't tell us? how do you start? start going. >> bacon fried chicken? what's it sitting in down there in. >> butter milling. >> been sitting in bull err milkment how long should we put it in the butter milk,
9:33 am
over night? >> about hour or two. >> okay. >> then we drop it in the flour. >> pretty simple? yep. it is cents self rising flour, so you get the crispy crust on it. >> self rising? and then you deep fry it? >> did your mom now this, hey, i want to start frying things, and she's like no? >> she was in the kitchen, like stands back, stand back. >> so why do you think you won? >> because i know what i'm doing in the kitchen. >> that's confidence. i like. >> are you really 11? >> i feel pathetic. a 11 year old can cook better than me, probably has more money in the bang than dow. >> but a lot of pressure, right? >> it was a lot of pressure on me, because like everybody -- camera in your face, you only have certain amount to cook, and everything riding on this dish. >> so i know your dad fell on a ladder about a year ago, right?
9:34 am
>> yes. >> and did he get to see at least -- >> no. >> he didn't? >> he got to see, i mean shall after you won, you went to him? >> yes. >> after i went, i went to the hospital, i said dad, i just won chop. could you see a smile on his face when i told him. >> and then he died just three days later? >> yep. >> so sore bye that. >> thank you. >> really. >> so let's -- how long does it stay in there. >> for awhile. >> that's pretty -- for awhile? >> that's very specific. i like that. >> all right, let's just eat t i don't care about it frying any more. >> you can eat that. >> so mike, tell us about the special sauce. >> did you invent the barbeque sauce? >> yep, that's all mine. >> that's sweet, spicy, ingredients. >> yep. >> just like you, really. >> how often do you cook this at home? >> all the time. >> all the time? in is your signature dish? >> that's good! >> likes it. >> yes. >> thank you so much for
9:35 am
coming out. >> do you want to be a chef when you grow up? >> yes. >> you'll get it. >> you're on your way, girl. >> all right, kerrey, back to you. >> love her. >> isn't she awesome? and she is so composed. >> i know. >> on a live camera, a lot of adults aren't. >> she is like an adult. >> i know. far more mature than anybody on this show, i can tell you that. >> yes. that's so good. that sauce. >> it looks awesome. okay, hey, shar still in the green room, back with us in a couple every minutes, little insight into mike's life. this is the moment that you've all been waiting for. taking a closer look, into the depths of mike jerrick's soul. coming up.
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>> earlier we chatted with char, now a league from mike. >> you ready? >> well, i am ready. good to see you. now, i'm take my ear piece out so the control room can't talk to plea. >> i need you to be open minded about everybody, living and deceased, i just want you to know i was in the green room looking -- working on my solar plexus, which is the one i had a mental block on, for your self-esteem. >> real quickly for people who don't know you, even though the whole month knows you, medium? >> dow two things, help people take away fears, fear of death by love ones we get to the other side, fear of living, i know we all have intuition, we create our destiny by the choices we make. >> okay. >> what do you say to people who don't buy any of this? >> i say go, do your own
9:40 am
thing. >> i don't care. i'm just here for people who. >> end understanded interesting an energetic work we can tap into, guided by, and they can resonate with me, it helps them know that they're not crazy. since i was little girl, i saw spirits at the foot of my bed. i didn't know what they were. i've been doing this for over four decades now, it is becoming more popular, or people are i guess getting out of the closet from t people are becoming more open to t. >> do we hold hands or anything? >> no, no, no. >> i'm getting two things from you, a m initial, j initial. do you have someone deceased j or m? >> my mom. >> don't say names, don't say names. just jay yes or no, okay, maxine. i feel like she is deceased, maxine? i feel her energy with you.
9:41 am
and who is like -- she is talking about someone either -- is there a jesse or a jenny or -- she watches over jenny or jesse. and there is another j, she is showing me, and i'm not sure what the name is, but she watches over this other j person, as well. and it is someone did someone just move or change where they are living? >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> who? >> jill. >> jill, jill, that's the other j. >> uh-huh. >> is that your daughter, who is that? >> jill is my daughter and jest -- jess is the other caughter. >> so of two girls. >> jill just moved. >> you have two girls. >> did she move to another state? >> uh-huh. >> is this new york or just another state? >> it is another state. >> another state. okay, i wasn't sure where she moved to, but i feel like this is a good move for her. and i feel like she is making her way. i feel like she is finding a way to build her career, build
9:42 am
her life, big more for her t won't be tonightly easy at first, but needs to work with. >> this now, i don't know what i'm seeing, but i'm seeing something about it christmas. are you going away christmas? >> i'm going to go visit her. >> you're going to go visit her. >> this is if my boss lets me off. hi, jim. >> that makes sense. hi, jim, i'm fill in for him. >> well, you got all that right. anything else? >> oh, darn. >> oh, no? i don't like that pause. >> no, there is something about, well, there is cents two things. one, there is a health something that i'm seeing. did you have to do something with your eyes or change something with a health thing recently? >> uh-huh. >> okay, because i feel like you'll be okay, but i saw a change with that. and the other thing is maxine,
9:43 am
i feel, is telling me to tell you you should write more, or you should do more with your writing. are you a writer? >> no, but i am -- >> well, are you doing blogging, or are you doing something? >> no, but there is something. >> there is something with writing? >> okay, this will be really good but you need to put more effort and energy into it. and also more stuff with your own -- with your own social media, your personal social media. >> it is so -- i was working on it last night, developing new show that's all about twitter, facebook. >> this is all really good. and social media, and this is good. and i feel like don't give up on it, and keep being pro-active with it, and you can create it on your own. >> really? >> yes. >> well, that was actually all accurate. weirds. >> thank you, great to see you. >> people at home, you can go to a website and figure out my kids names, stuff like that. >> does it say they moved?
9:44 am
>> no, doesn't say anything? >> that you just had a writing -- >> no. she moved to denver. >> good for her. >> oh, my. and she's pregnant, her whole life has changed. >> this is good. >> big move. it was really hard for them. okay, all right,. >> but let's talk about hair, here's jen. >> hey, you're the best. you know what the best is? you can't see it, do the big re street. it is all $25, no, don't look. you can't see, can't see it.
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9:47 am
>> char just did the reading for me, will do readings in philadelphia. if you want to learn about it, go to it is a c, we'll link it to boom. >> hair treatments? >> yes, time to talk about them. jenn fred? >> we saw this earlier in the show, right? they were putting this treatment on. >> yes. >> this only cost you just 25 bucks, but sounds too good to be true.
9:48 am
but, we're seeing this before. then now to jen, because she will show us what this is like. >> what's called? >> olaplex add to to hair color, or add just glaze to make you look beautiful. >> are you ready for the after? >> her hair looks great. >> yes. >> she looks great. >> silky, shiny, feels great. >> real pretty. by the way, people going on my twitter, rosa is right on montgomery avenue, across from the narberth wawa. in years past, no one would go this blonde this quickly, and their hair and expect their hair to look like, that right, that's the whole deal. >> more like feeling the silk, soft necessary in the hair, not like the brill owe endsy kinds of feeling. >> a loft people will say oh, you have to go dark for fall. but you can do dark chlorine if your hair wasn't. but even if it was trashed
9:49 am
over the summer because of being out in the sun? >> just because of reconstructing the bond it, doesn't really matter whether if you're going blondes, staying the same tone, a applying the olaaplx, make it stronger, healthier, kind of like the concept whatever keratin's are, but not about getting straight or anything like that. >> okay, i love it. so, you say you have lot of women coming in. just basically to get their hair curled, because we don't know how to do it, right? >> yes. >> so talk to us little bit. first number one mission take women are making? >> direction. which way to go when they once have the hair in the curling iron. >> yes. >> the best thing is like most people use like a clip, not the -- the dexterity and the fingers aren't always the best. >> but my little trick of the trade that i explain to people, if you look at the clip, and into the mirror, then it faces the mirror, then you kind of like, you know, put little strands in the
9:50 am
hair. >> okay? >> and of hair in the curling iron, you go backward. >> okay? >> so -- >> a the lover people go forward? >> right. or like grab this, and do it this way. >> oh, ya. >> so, if you go this direction, and go backward, on the hair. >> it depends on how much hair you put into the curling iron, size of the curling ion ron. night home one between an inch to inch and a quarter. >> okay. >> and anything smaller than an inch is going to gave you a spiral. >> okay. >> like something -- >> what's that right there? >> inch and a quarter. >> okay. >> how do you get to to stay? >> if you spray a little bit of hair spay, prior to eating hellment to protect the hair. that will help it stay. my best way of hair like kind
9:51 am
of staying is using your natural wave. so, if kind of keeps your court call open. so it has enough heat, these curling irons, nowadays, give it the smooth soft necessary, as well, and like smooth out your natural texture. so, the curls last little longer. >> love it. as we wrap up, if someone comes in, do they have to ask for olaplex or you look at their hair and you know they need it or how does it work? >> every client should have a simple consultation, and it is casino of like if you feel like you need little something, you explain it with your hair-dresser, and they should be able to request it or like kind of like recommend it. >> that's great. i just want to talk about something. she got her hair done, so pretty, because looks very, very pretty. okay? >> very, very jealous. >> so glossy. >> very glossy and full. >> are people tweeting in you. >> people don't believe it.
9:52 am
they're going well, you talk about jess and jill and her move and her wedding and all that, but she lives in los angeles. >> how would she watch the snow. >> not that i'm big believer. >> you should have just known that your mother's name was maxine, necessarily? >> no. >> no. >> and you're working on social media? >> and she mentioned there is cents a j, just moved into new york? uh-huh. think that through. 9:52. still ahead, famous voice that could be recognized anywhere. but does moriah carry still sounds like she did in the past? >> riding on that roller coaster? >> i love that song. >> all right. let's rye, new york, matter of fact. but people are slamming her this morning. but people are slamming her this morning. we wiwhat's possible today? if
9:53 am
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>> a small child, working with no direction. >> with me? >> yes. >> really good advice for all men, work with two women. >> kinds of feminine. >> wow. >> she is basically a woman. >> i don't think men would complain about working with us. just you. >> just me? i'm crank. >> i speaking of susan, oh, my head! it's huge. >> hi, alex. how are you liking the new job? you're doing great. >> so nice of her to say that. >> i'm loving it, been little more than a month now. i'm still here. >> during the commercial break, she's like man, i can't believe how long my contract is! >> she would say i'm pretty much over you after a month. >> all right, now, see if you
9:57 am
see anything wrong here. mariah carey kicked off new tour over the weekends, fans going away. has she lost it? >> note ♪ >> ♪ >> so, yes. leave her alone. who knows. maybe something wrong with the mike? >> that was what it was, i think? >> she is famous for her high notes. but i always think that's bad when you see a star come back, after some years, like do they still got it? oh, no, it is not the same. >> little russ. >> i just got some news in, school reform commission, src. >> here in philly, yes? >> cancelling some teachers contracts. >> that's not good news. going to have a lot more on that story, we'll be following it all day. >> vote today cancel it. >> hasn't been done yet. >> go to
9:58 am
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